TRIO – The Kepler Diamonds

Nora thinks her father is dead. Someone try to kidnap her. Might he still be alive? A famous treasure hunter, Mr. Sykes, holds her father and looks for the Kepler Diamonds. The kids must find the treasure to free Noras father…

TRIO – The Kepler Diamonds

The legend of the treasure

According to a legend one of the most valuable diamond treasures in the world is to be found in Hamburg…

The Catholic scientist Kurt Bergmann hid it during the 30-year war (1618-1648) on a commission from the Catholic Church. The treasures of the German Catholic Church were exchanged for diamonds and moved to safety inside the new city wall in Hamburg. Kurt made a map with five marked locations inside the Hamburg city wall. In an especially printed edition of Kepler’s works, “Astronomia Nova”, he also included a code that was supposed to explain where the treasure was hidden. The map and a copy of the special print are supposed to be preserved in Hamburg Museum.

Through the centuries treasure hunters have tried to pinpoint the five locations, and tried to break the code, but so far no one has found the magnificent treasure that is known as “The Kepler Diamonds”. A coin is said to hold the key to the code. The coin was stolen from the museum in Dodoma, Tanzania, in 2003. It has not been seen since…

TRIO – plus one…

One of our main actors is Nora. Her life is shrouded in mystery. She has always believed that her father died in an accident when she was just 4 years old. But certain things seem to indicate that he is alive.  Someone has come to their little mountain village, and they try to kidnap Nora.  She gets away and manages to steal one of their phones.

When the TRIO-brain, Lars, start to investigate the phone, he finds that it belongs to the company of one of the most dedicated treasure hunters in the world; Mr. Sykes – who lives in Hamburg.  Lars also discovers that Noras father, might be alive.  And it is obvious that there is a connection between him and Mr. Sykes. For Nora this is a shock, and her need to find the truth about her father, combined with Lars’ need to investigate the treasure, takes them on an adventurous trip to Hamburg.

Here TRIO includes a new member, Emma, who helps them trace the Kepler diamonds. And they understand that they have to find the treasure in order to find the truth about Noras father.  But will the truth be revealed as they hope?  Or will they be outsmarted by the mysterious Mr. Sykes??



Script: Trond Morten Venaasen, Morten Hovland
Director: Morten Hovland, Arne Lindtner Naess
Director of Photography: Odd-Reinhardt Nicolaysen
Executive Producer: Rune Trondsen, Arild Halvorsen, Reinhardt Beetz