HERZGOLD is a candid homage to love in all its forms. Much like the British feature film “Love…actually” it is told episodically. The director Jan Tenhaven sets off to find real-life love stories of our time for a documental adaptation of this modern-day classic. Five touching stories about love, climaxing on Christmas.


HERZGOLD  – Stories about love, in all its forms: between siblings, in families, among friends, between people of age and young couples.

We are venturing out on a bold experiment: creating an authentic, vivid documentary on the basis of a feature film. The modern-day classic “Love…actually” with its nine intertwining episodes about love will be our inspiration. Just like the fictional original, our documentary-project will be an homage to love, which can be found everywhere in all its varieties, if only you look close enough. And yet, every kind of love is special in its own way.

HERZGOLD is an ensemble film: each one of the five stories works as a small fraction in a large portrayal of love. The stories take place in different cities around Germany, the common factor being, that they all take place around Christmas time. A TV-release is set for the Christmas season 2016, a yearly re-run is possible.

Script & Director: Jan Tenhaven
Research: Judith Schwyter
Producer: Kerstin Meyer-Beetz
Junior Producer: Lea-Marie Körner
Production manager: Anique Roelfsema
Line Producer: Kathrin Isberner
Executive Producer: Christian Beetz
Commissioning Editor MDR: Peter Dreckmann, Torsten Amarell, Matthias Göpfert